Boost Your Neuro-Creative Powers

"We dont' see things as they are;
we see things as we are."

- Anais Nin

If you would like to lean into your strengths, and grow out of your blind spots as
a leader, the NBI Assessment followed by the Neuro-Creativity Workshop is for
you. This workshop will explain how your brain processes information and
solves problems, in a way unique to you. It will allow you to pratice ways of
thiking that you are not already familiar or comfortable with.

Grow your Neuro-Creativity:

Social Intelligence Parameters:
What is SQ and how is it responsible for leadership?

NBI Psychometric Assessment:
How do we communicate and lead?

Individual & Group Profiles:
What is y[our] unique thinking preference?

How can you go against "law of least effort"?

Testimonials :

"Şule is great! Modest, sharp, genuine, honest. Highly recommended!"

"Great structure to frame and understand personality and thinking traits, also with the key people in our lives."

"The content as well as the delivery was very interesting and new. Thank you for introducing new tools to us. And thank you for sharing your elegance, wisdom, and grace with us."

"A great day full of emotions and thinking. I got to know myself better at the end of it."

"Suddenly I faced my reality and jump-started my soul. Whatever you did, you did very well. I am grateful."

Superpower of Resilience

"Never waste a good crisis."

- Winston Churchill

If you would like to discover your resilience potential and boost your resiliency stock, the Personal Resilience Assessment followed by the 3 C's of Crisis Method is for you. This workshop will define what resilience is, outline the steps to develop your resilience, and share timeless examples of resilient leadership. It will allow you to practice maximum adaptability, with the 3C's of Crisis Tool.


Personal Assessment:
What is your resilience level, at home & work?

Research Findings:
How much of resilience is in our nature vs. nurture?

3Cs of Crisis Tool:
How can we re-frame crisis to replenish resilience?

True Stories:
What lessons can we learn from resilient leaders?

Testimonials :

“Şule has deep knowledge of resilience research as well as significant practical experience. Add to this, her unique teaching and facilitation method. Her sessions will help you create a resilience model that works for you, in your life.”

"I had the privilege to attend a workshop at a YPO event in Paris and a series of webinars hosted by Şule on the subject of resilience. Şule combines scientific research with hands on, day to day practice of resilience. A very valuable experience on the road to resilience."

“We had an outstanding session on resilience with Şule Kutlay. Her understanding of the subject is deep and she has a unique ability to explain a complex subject very simply.”

“Şule having a sense of humor, positive energy, and a humble manner, gave me the confidence to concentrate on my own resilience.”

“I liked the systematic approach to resilience.”

"Şule quickly got us collaborating - sharing what thoughts, activities, words made a difference to our wellbeing, and that of our families. I enjoyed Şule’s humor, insight and willingness to adapt. Şule, you made the “messy middle” a little bit easier.”

“I was particularly interested in the circle of ‘Resilience’ which is a very helpful tool in dealing with issues and problems. Her work is very well researched and documented. It is of high quality and one can see she has put in a lot of thought and study into it.”

“What I like is the simplicity with which it was explained.”

“This course gave me insights on how to practice resilience in a structured way, and prepare for any crisis situation.”

Renissance of Resilience

"Present moment is the
pacemaker of meaning."

- Viktor Frankl

If you would like to understand your helpful and hindering traits for resilience, and become a more resourceful leader for your family and team, the Leadership Resilience Assessment followed by the 3 C's of Cooperation Method is for you. This workshop will lay down the principles of resourcefulness in resilience, and guide you towards your core values and purpose. It will allow you to practice maximum cooperation and creativity, with the 3C's of Cooperation Tool.

Finding Purpose in Resilience:

Personal Assessment:
What is your resilience level, pre and post crisis?

Research Findings:
What drives a growth versus fixed mindset?

Resilience Tool:
How can you replenish your resilience?

Collective Wisdom:
What do you take from life, what do you give to life?

Tools to Thrive

"When we can no longer change a situation,
we are challenged to change ourselves"

- Viktor Frankl

If you would like to become more self aware and develop as a leader , then this 5 week journey in leadership development and upskilling is for you. the sessions wil suggest ways of adopting a growth mindset , review your adaptability as well as resilience potaential and , and help you achieve creativity through conflict , within yourself and with others. there will be 1 one on one session with your coach , and 4 group sessions with your colleagues , all in a confidential , cooperative , and intimate setting.


Growth Mindset:
Why should you fail to learn?

What is your leadership style? How adaptable is it?

How can you master curiousity and courage, for resilience?

Change Mantra:
What is the #1 thing you want to change, going forward?

Testimonials :

“If anyone has the possibility to partake in a workshop like this, I can only say-DO IT! Thank you so much for the growth you inspired in me!”

“An amazing experience and a real opportunity for self- reflection!”

“Really grateful I did this course and met each person!”

“Şule was really inspiring.”

“Everything was amazing!”

“Şule is a wonderful person and leader and very giving of her time. “

“Found the course engaging, helpful and easily applicable to personal, educational and workplace issues. ”

“It feels like I have a lot of new tools I can implement into my daily life.”

“Great experience! Gained a lot of self-reflection for growth and learned new resources to help me in the future.”

“I learned a great deal not only from the content, but also from the dialogue.”

“It was a rich journey of self-discovery.  I gained valuable insights about my strengths and blind spots.”

“It made me question my values and purpose in life, going forward.  Tough but rewarding.”

“NBI thinking preferences assessment was really helpful to see how I think, problem solve, and communicate. Johari window revealed what others know, but I do not know about myself.”